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“People say you’re a devil in disguise, I don’t care, just tell me all your sweet lies”
Got a phone call from him the other night. He gave me a big break in America and put me on The RuPaul Show a while ago. He’s just wonderful, RuPaul. A 7-foot-tall basketball-playing, black motherfucker - as if you’re ever going to get in the charts as a 7-foot drag queen! But he got to the top, and won acceptance in middle America. Why? Because he did it so damn well. If you do something that well, people can’t help but say, “You know what, that’s genius.” So I love RuPaul. Even without his make-up he’s a wonderful-looking man. But that’s drag, too - he’s in preppy drag. Because RuPaul’s a spirit and a soul - that’s why he can be both. He’s male and female, so he can be both - he’s just a spirit, so both sides are lovely."
— Pete Burns [Freak Unique] (via dragracemaniac)
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"Sex Drive 2014" by Glam with Pete Burns & Linn Lovers is being released on vinyl on Oct 20 and digital release Nov 03!
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Why am I surprised, you’re a Hit And Run Lover..

All that I want is a little piece of action

Turn up your radio now, I’m calling out your name